• “All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants”

    - John W. Gardner

About what we do

There is a wide gap between the knowledge and skills taught in most schools today and the knowledge and skills students will need in typical 21st century communities and workplaces. For student to be able to successfully advance in society, to meet career challenges, and to thrive in a globally competitive job market, all schools must align their classroom environments with real-world environments.

Our organisation will bring together educationalists, technology partners and policy makers to create innovative solutions in education. 21st Century learning marries content with skills – students not only learn knowledge but also the skills to use that knowledge effectively. We emphasise collaborative learning, self-direction and problem solving. Educators can leverage technology to allow students to interact with education content in a way that is personal to each study. We understand that every student learns in a way that is unique to them – learning is ‘not one-size fits all’ and we must adapt to a more flexible approach to teaching.


21st Century Skills Building Blocks



Also fundamental to 21st Century learning is providing teachers with the facilities, classroomenvironments and formal teaching training to incorporate 21st century learning into the classroom.




Our Programmes

Working closely with partners in education and industry, we are building a portfolio of blended learning programmes. Each of these programmes lead to certification from the Skills Foundation. laptop