• “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

    - Benjamin Franklin

Digital Skills Passport


This is a ten module digital skills certification programme which gives students the skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in a modern workplace. The programme covers all the main aspects of IT in an office environment and is fully up to date with all the latest technologies.  The programme awards a Digital Skills Passport once all exams are passed.


Module 1 – Computer Essentials

How to use computer hardware, software, common terminology, how to operate the computer, common software platforms, accessing files, email, computer viruses and how to protect against them.


Module 2 – Desktop Computing

Understanding how to manage files, use operating systems and perform common tasks and operations.


Module 3 – Word Processing

Understand the concepts of word processing. Create and edit professional documents, share, file and print documents.


Module 4 – Spreadsheets

Understand the main concepts of spreadsheets. Create and edit professional spreadsheets, share, file and print spreadsheets.


Module 5 – Databases

Understand the concept of using databases to store and access information. Create and edit databases. Save, print and share database files.


Module 6 – Presentations

Create and edit professional presentations. Save, print and share presentation files.


Module 7 – Online IT Skills

Using the internet. Understanding the main concepts of online interaction. Web browsing, sharing documents, safety online.


Module 8 – Productivity Management

Improving your productivity in the workplace by using IT productivity tools.


Module 9 – Computer Security

Knowing how to protect your confidential information and data in an IT environment.

Module 10 – Social Media in the Workplace

How to use common social media applications (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter) in a professional manner to promote your products and services online.







Our Programmes

Working closely with partners in education and industry, we are building a portfolio of blended learning programmes. Each of these programmes lead to certification from the Skills Foundation. laptop